Resources for policy makers and employers

Now more than ever, governments, public entities, the private sector and all citizens have roles to play in addressing the family (unpaid) caregiver problem. Caregivers should not have to face these hardships and inequities alone. As a society, we can help them, together. See why we need to provide more structured support and help from our key findings and insights directly from caregivers around the world.

Global Carer Well-Being Index

In order to uncover what challenges caregivers face around the world, Embracing CarersR has conducted a multi-national survey to determine the unmet needs of caregivers and the impact that caring for others has on their own health and well-being. Our findings are revealed here.

Global infographic

View the global infographic here. This includes the headline stand out facts and stats from the global survey in a more bite-sized format. Download it now.

Caregivers white paper

Co-created with experts from caregiver organizations around the world, the Embracing CarersR white paper identifies challenges for caregivers with clear calls to action to address caregiver needs. Download it now!

Global state of care report

Made possible by Embracing CarersR, the International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO) has published a comprehensive worldwide overview of caregiver conditions. Download it now!

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