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Terrance Green

Faces of Caregiving – United States

Five years ago, Terrance Green’s mother, Emma, fell ill with a virulent strain of the flu that sent her to the emergency room and required her to be put on a ventilator. While receiving treatment for the prolonged flu symptoms, she suffered a stroke, which led to a stay of six weeks in the ICU.

Now unable to care for herself, Emma spent a year in various facilities before moving home to live with her own mother (Terrance’s grandmother), Ella. Now serving as a caregiver for both his mother and grandmother, Terrance had double the responsibilities, with the added stress of settling the disputes that frequently arose between a mother and daughter living together as adults.

Terrance works as a Corporate Account Executive and his wife Eboni works as President and CEO of the nonprofit Caregiver Support Services.

Caregivers like Terrance and Eboni who have parents as well as stepparents find themselves providing care to an increasing number of loved ones while juggling work and their everyday responsibilities with the added stresses that come with caregiving.

Sadly, Emma passed away in March 2018. Today, Terrance and Eboni, along with the rest of their family, are still caregivers for Ella, who has heart ailments and mobility issues

“One of the biggest challenges of caregiving is the lack of support for people in our generation”

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