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Embracing Carers® created the Carer Well-Being Index to determine the current and residual impacts of COVID-19 on unpaid caregivers, including its impact on their economic, physical and psychological well-being.

While caregivers weren’t alone in experiencing 2020 as a highly emotional and unstable period, they faced unique pressures, demands and time commitments often overlooked by society. They must now navigate fast-changing telehealth and technology demands, provide emotional support during a globally taxing time, and handle increased responsibilities at home—all at once.

Amid these rising responsibilities, many caregivers sacrifice their own health and well-being for the sake of people they love. They deal with emotional isolation. Financial strife hits hard as unemployment spikes and salaries are imperiled. Many lack the time to care for their own

physical and emotional health. These challenges are even more significant among women and racial/ethnic minority caregivers, who encounter inequities throughout the job market and the economy.

Add it all up, and the United States faces a deep societal problem: American caregivers are undercounted, unheard, struggling and feel all but invisible.

Now more than ever, federal and state governments, public entities, the private sector and everyday Americans all have roles to play in addressing that problem. Caregivers should not have to face these hardships and inequities alone. They’re sacrificing for us, one by one. As a society, we can help them, together.


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