Support for carers

Behind each and every patient is a loved one who will provide support and care for them. It is time to recognize the vital role family (unpaid) carers play in society.

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Tips and advice for carers

Trying to juggle caring for someone and your personal life can feel overwhelming. While these feelings are normal, you deserve support and assistance in making the caregiving experience a little bit easier. Based on our Embracing Carers® work with carers and carer advocacy groups around the world we have pulled together some useful resources to help you along your carer journey, every step of the way.

You’re not alone

Sometimes it can be hard to take on all the pressures of being a carer. It’s important to remember you are not alone. We’ve found carers eager to share their experiences and provide helpful tips and advice to the carer community.

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Carers’ corner

If you would like to learn more about our advisor groups and partner organizations and their many offerings, click either of the links below.

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Advisor groups

We work as a collective with leading carer advocacy groups around the world to understand the real issues carers are facing and drive our strategic vision for Embracing Carers®.

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Partner organisations

We are guided by organizations around the world that work every day to support the well-being of carers and patients and aid the work we do at Embracing Carers®.

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“I returned to work six months after Matthew was born, however I had to take a step back from my leadership role as I was no longer able to commit the time needed to be successful and effective.”

Alf & Margaret Davies, Australia

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