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There's no limit on the amount of time you can give and no amount of time is considered too small to show you care and help lighten the load of someone you know who is a caregiver
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global state of care

Find out what countries are doing to support caregivers around the world.

global state of care

Find out what countries are doing to support caregivers around the world.

Unpaid care has become one of the most important social and economic policy issues worldwide. As the world population ages, caregivers will continue to play a critical role in every society providing substantial economic value to countries globally.

Made possible by Embracing CarersTM, the International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO) has published a comprehensive worldwide overview of carer conditions. The Global State of Care report examines the ways that individual countries and governments are beginning to support unpaid caregivers, while highlighting the areas in which more support is needed.


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Global State of Care Report here.

Click on a country below to access reports which include an overview of policies and legislation currently in place for unpaid caregivers along with opportunities for increased support.


Much has been done in Australia to recognize and protect the rights of unpaid caregivers with national, state and territory legislation.


The Canadian dialogue is increasingly turning to the recognition and well-being of unpaid caregivers through the introduction of federal and provincial legislation.


There have been some enhancements in the areas of indirect financial payments, employment rights and community support for unpaid caregivers in France.


Support for unpaid caregivers has improved significantly due to reforms passed between 2013-2017.


Changes to the family structure, urbanization and western influence has transformed the caregiving role in India.


There has been a positive trend to highlight issues and improve conditions for unpaid caregivers in Italy.


Regions of Spain have begun to make policy changes to provide support to unpaid caregivers.


The UK has a progressive policy addressing unpaid caregivers needs.


There are policies, programs and laws in the US that offer a variety of support for unpaid caregivers.